© 2017 by Sirin Bahar DEMIREL


2012, found photography, poster, stencil

In this project, developed out of a quote from The Stranger by Albert Camus and produced within the frame of Street Art Istanbul Festival, photos found in second hand bookshops were hanged on the walls of a building in Tarlabaşı neighborhood which was evacuated because of the “slum clearence”. Quotes from the books of Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre and Sevim Burak along with the notes and the dates on the back of the photos accompanied them. This work aims to show despite all kind of rememberance kept carefully, the notion of ‘memory’ is just a big illusion. It also deals with the senselessness of our lives in the face of death. 


The walls of the houses that lost their inhabitants met the photos which also lost their owners.